Reminder: daily applications for an average of 6 weeks to a few months is usually necessary to eliminate warts.

The adhesive of duct tape can help break down warts, so instead of band-aids for coverage, consider duct tape.

Thuja is an herb that is widely known for being anti-viral, and particularly helpful with warts, which stems from a virus. The essential oil of Thuja can be easily applied to warts on the body. Be sure to use a cotton tip, cotton ball, or gloves instead of using your fingers.

Some viruses are not going to make you feel bad but are persistent and annoying, and such is that which causes warts on your arms, legs, fingers, feet, and scalp. Nevertheless, a virus manifesting itself on your skin is indicative of your immune system not being able to regulate certain pathogens, and thus keep the virus dormant. Thus, Vitamin A can be a great short term immune booster. Due to concerns about liver toxicity, without supervision by a trained health professional, it is best to only use high dose Vitamin A short term.

But why is your immune system somewhat down in the first place? This is where we get into addressing the root cause. Yes, warts are worth targeting directly, but no one wants new ones or to see old ones return. Good hygiene and a great immune system are needed in order to do that. Optimizing your diet, doing daily exercise, managing stress, and getting great sleep are a great start. If you would like to learn more on how to improve your immune system, and/or motivational guidance to ‘do what you already know you need to do’, schedule an appointment with It’s Time Natural Health today! 281-231-2811