I am rolling out a new focused service, called biotherapeutic drainage.  I have used it on multiple clients in the past but I’d like to now let it be its own service.  It is a mix of herbs, minerals, and homeopathy and works to detoxify the system. It works at the cellular level to enhance the elimination channels of the body, drive toxins toward them, and then discharge the toxins.  This helps the body to physiologically function better.

What’s involved

The biotherapeutic drainage products are liquid.  So you will take a few drops of a liquid every day, or if you are sensitive, I may ask you to place them in water and then drink.  I will also likely add other herbal support along with the drainage products.

Biotherapeutic drainage is an individualized approach that is based on the timeline of your health.  I will have you discuss with me everything significant (physically, emotionally and mentally) that you can remember that has happened to you and at which age those things happened.  There are different organ systems that develop at different ages.  Let’s say you started having blood pressure problems at the stage of respiratory development.  Then I may give you remedies that affect the respiratory system and not necessarily the cardiovascular system.

What’s not involved

I will not run any tests or do what I consider a comprehensive consultation like I do with most clients (thus you will save a bit on this new service).  I have a large therapeutic toolkit and not all therapies get used with each client.  This is a therapy that I’d like to mainly focus on by itself for a while.

What is expected of you

Keeping a healthy lifestyle, including healthy diet, consistent exercise, and a few other DIY things I will suggest to do daily to keep detoxification flowing smoothly.

What to keep in mind

It is not a quick fix, as Nature can take her sweet time.  This can take several months, but every few months I expect to see shifts happening.  So if you are ready to go on a unique journey with a therapy you have probably not tried before, let’s begin!  Go to the consultations tab and schedule your Biotherapeutic Drainage service.