Exciting New Services!

I am now offering 6 mo and 12 mo payment plans for consultations. This is at a reduced monthly rate from individual pay-as-you-go consultations. This is not a program in which everyone would get the same protocols. My approach will still be customized for each person.

If you have been on the fence to work with a natural medicine expert, now is your time!

New special, only for the month of September!

Trying to figure out what to eat for a healthy lifestyle? For the entire month of September, I am offering 2-week meal plans. I create meal plans for many types of diets: low carb, vegan, paleo, elimination diets, gluten free, dairy free. Why? Because I have done them all, and I know what it looks like to do this in a healthy way.

The 2-week meal plan includes a consultation so that I can design a meal plan customized to you.

Contact me directly to begin the 6 mo or 12 mo payment plans by:

  • Emailing me HERE
  • Calling 281-231-2811

You can schedule the 2-week meal plan consultation by:

  • Clicking HERE
  • Calling 281-231-2811

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