STDs/STIs are on the rise. Lorals is a new product on the market designed to prevent them while still providing pleasure.
Lorals are FDA cleared to help prevent STDs/STIs for oral sex and rimming, not tribbing or scissoring.  Please check out the video I created to understand the differences between these terms and further comments from me.
Please visit the website below for more details on proper use of Lorals for STI protection, getting the most pleasure out of the use of Lorals, and to purchase.
Discount code to use at checkout: PLEASUREPROTECTION
Lorals also has products not designed for STI protection. When browsing products, be sure to only select the products designed for STI protection if that is what you are seeking.
STIs that can have renal/kidney manifestations include HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Renal manifestations are a rare risk of secondary syphilis. Syphilis and HIV can increase the risk of each other.