Most clients are not informed of all the side effects of their medications when they are first prescribed them. They are usually told about the most common or most important. While this is helpful for not scaring clients away from taking their medication, it can leave many of them with chronic ailments or even chronic diseases that they have no clue where they came from. For this reason, it is beneficial to be fully informed so that you can manage your own health better.

It is true that MANY medications can create nutritional deficiencies. When nutritional deficiencies occur, you can experience a wide variety of symptoms. These ‘symptoms’ are in fact some of the side effects of the medication.

Did you know?

-Many diuretics, birth control pills, and steroids can cause Diabetes Type II or significantly alter blood sugar regulation

-Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), anti-depressants, and bronchodilators can provoke high blood pressure

-Beta blockers, antipsychotics and some anti-virals can increase your cholesterol?

-Certain thyroid and cardiovascular medications can cause drug-induced lupus

Did you know?

-Thiazides can deplete calcium and zinc

-Statins can deplete Coq10

-Beta blockers can deplete chromium

Did you know?

-Calcium deficiency symptoms include: osteoporosis, muscle spasms, dry skin/nails, anxiety, depression, candida fungal infection

-Zinc deficiency symptoms include: immune system depression (bacterial and yeast infections), muscle pain, fatigue, diarrhea

-CoQ10 deficiency symptoms include: muscle weakness, heart failure, high blood pressure, seizures

-Chromium deficiency symptoms include: impairing the body’s ability to use glucose to meet its energy needs and raises insulin as needed, hence its extensive use in nutritional treatments for diabetes

The good news is that if you know what the potential nutritional deficiencies of your medications are, you can compensate by supplying your body that nutrient!

I am now offering consultations catered to just discussing your medications and how to prevent side effects, naturally! Here is what we’ll do in your visit:

  • Go through all possible side effects of your over-the-counter and prescribed medications
  • Learn which labs to monitor routinely based on potential side effects
  • Learn the nutritional deficiencies associated with each medication, the signs of symptoms of each nutritional deficiency, and how to compensate through diet and/or proper dosage and form of supplementation

This will be offered as a stand-alone service, and is already included in comprehensive consultations.

Sometimes medications help you survive and preserve quality of life. Let’s help you handle them better.