Worrier, perfectionist, highly moral, very intelligent, over-thinker, hard on themselves, sensitive in nature, thinks their way is the right way.

I urge you, the parent/guardian, to watch these children and get to know how they interpret various situations by helping them to verbally express themselves. It is important that they understand that how they think, is just how they think, and not the ultimate answer, and not how everyone else thinks. It is paramount that you help them to understand that failure does not mean they are a failure. The hard part is that these types of children are so talented that they may not encounter failure until their 20s, and it can be more difficult to deal with failure then. However, be there for them when it hits because they are going to need you. As they grow, infuse flexibility into their nature, because they are probably otherwise rigid. Encourage their self-compassion, because theirs may be lacking. This kind of personality is one that can cause a lot of internal stress, and that stress can affect the bowels. This type of person probably has skin issues too. This person may start out with skin and digestive issues, later it could turn emotional and mental/neurological. Depression, anxiety, and obsessions may surface. The reality is, they were probably all there to begin with, but certain symptoms are so low level that no one picks up on it as clinical. The type of person may need therapy, and I urge you to not wait until things are blatantly obvious for you to encourage it. And if you, the parent/guardian are also the type of person I am describing, they are probably going to need therapy sooner than later. You too have to develop being calmer and more compassionate around them. They may also be extremist in nature. Encourage them to have middle ground, but understand that extremism is not always a bad thing, so help them to have balance with it. Extremists change the world.

And yes, please get them holistic help to support their bodies physically as well. The earlier the better, as they are less likely to run into major challenges later, or they could be less severe, the choices they will take to deal with them may be wiser, and their perspective about them will be more balanced.