Whenever a woman has inquired about my services and then ends with saying, ’ok let me speak to my husband about it’ those women do not tend to call back to start working with me. I’ve even said to them that their husbands can have a conversation with me too, but they don’t.
Sure he may pay for you to get your nails done, go to fancy restaurants, pay for 1-3 trips per year that each cost more than 6 months of my services combined. But when it comes to health, it seems that some women married to men whom they rely on for their financial means are not always as free as they think.
Men often do not pay others for help with their own health unless it’s really bad (I.e. in serious pain or they cannot function). Women are different, in that they will come sooner, which is actually better for a person’s well-being and chance/ease/quickness of recovery. Plus, how people approach their healing journey can be different, and the starting point can be part of that.
But if he is operating from that ’wait until it’s bad’ mindset with you, or only paying for what HE thinks is a good idea and not taking into account what you think, this may be a bad situation for YOU.
Consider financing your own healthcare away from your breadwinning spouse.