Rectal probiotic implants can be a great way to enhance the deposit of probiotics into a digestive tract that does not gain much benefit when taken orally.

How will you know it is working? Same way you would by taking probiotics orally: calmer digestive tract, improved immune system, less gas, more normalized bowel movements.

Vaginal suppositories for vaginal concerns are more commonly found on the market than rectal suppositories for digestive and bowel function. Fecal implants (from healthy humans) are sometimes used in hospitals to treat clostridium difficile (a pathogenic overgrowth condition usually accompanied by severe diarrhea that one can get from heavy dose antibiotics) and other illnesses.

This is an at-home way to create your own probiotic implants. Twist open a probiotic capsule and pour its contents into a ‘mini ice cube tray’ such as this one (can find on Amazon), and then mix it with a liquid, such as organic red palm oil, organic grass-fed ghee as I’ve used here (I melt it first), or yogurt. Stir the mix together. The probiotic will still settle to the bottom but that is okay. If you search the web, you will find people use different types of liquids.

You insert at night and go to bed. I do suggest placing a pad or cloth in your underwear to avoid possible leakage affecting your clothes or bed sheets. You may find that the next time you do a No. 2 that the contents of the implant come out with it. Be less concerned about that and more in tune with what benefit you experience from it.

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