Guess what? You do not have to have PMS! After clients start working with me, they may say their period ‘snuck up on them.’ This is because the PMS symptoms they used to have that would let them know their period was coming became non-existent to extremely minor.

Cramp bark is an herb that helps to reduce menstrual cramps. It helps to relax the uterus and improve tone. It decreases pelvic and ovarian pain, and well as potentially decrease false labor or threatened miscarriage.

Cramp bark is considered a spasmolytic, which means it helps to reduce spasms. It relaxes smooth muscle in the body, and thus can be beneficial in asthma, intestinal cramping, blood pressure, and passing gallstones or kidney stones. It also decreases skeletal muscle spasms, so this would be beneficial for leg or calf cramps, low back pain, and PMS associated musculoskeletal tension or pain.

Although Cramp bark can be helpful, addressing menstrual cramps and PMS typically requires more than just this herb.

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