This is a follow up to my Aug 23, 2023 post on the article, ‘Reducing side effects from blood pressure medication through nutrition’:

I have a client who has been experiencing side effects from Edarbyclor, a blood pressure medication comprised of two medications (azilsartan and chlorthalidone). The side effects were foot neuropathy, blurred vision, dizziness, and overall weird feeling. These side effects were uncomfortable to the point that she no longer wanted to be on the medication. There is still progress to be made in terms of getting her to the point that she can naturally keep her blood pressure normal without it. In the meantime, I decided to address the side effects.

Nutrient depletions from medications is something the public can readily find online. It becomes easier if you know the mechanism of action of the medication (ex. angiotensin receptor blocker, thiazide diuretic).  Please read the Aug 2023 article for more details on this concept

I gave her Zinc, which is one of the nutrients that can get depleted from the body due to Edarbyclor. The foot neuropathy, dizziness and weird feelings have significantly reduced, and the blurred vision has gone away.

It is now easier for her to stay consistent with taking the medication daily.

Prior to working with me, she started a plant-based, low sodium diet. This reduced her blood pressure to around 144/98 and 149/97 in June of this year (about 3 months ago). She was on Edarbyclor at this time.

The Edarbyclor medication prescribed by her primary care physician plus the natural approaches I helped her to implement have her blood pressure now averaging 124/82.

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