Change, growth, and thus flow, is important for life.  During this time of a pandemic, a lot of people’s goals have been placed on hold, or they have had to detour in some way.  For some, this has been fantastic!  For others, it may have created a sense of feeling stuck or stagnated, and gratefulness practices may be what keeps you going right now.

In the body, flow is also important for proper function.  In Chinese medicine, stagnation of energy or blood can lead to various symptoms, like pain or digestive problems.  One cause of bodily stagnation is actually stuck emotions, such as anger.  This is why it is important for us to deal with our feelings.  This may look different for different people and may require the support of a therapist.  Whatever way you choose, try to deal versus stuff your feelings via stress eating, drinking, shopping to the point that it hurts your finances, etc.  Instead, consider journaling, talking it out, allowing yourself to feel the feeling, etc.

For some, the stagnation can lead to more aggression, irritability, or depression.  If you cannot move forward in life in the particular way that you want to, remember that your body still needs to move, and moving your body can help manage those stagnated feelings too!  Thus, exercising helps maintain that flow.  Yoga, for instance, is all about flow.  Dance is another fabulous way to release stress and stimulate flow.

Another way to deal with stagnation of the body is to add spices to your food.  Cayenne, for instance, helps to stimulate circulation.  Circulation is part of that flow I was referring to that your body needs.  It can also be great for those who are struggling with chronic exhaustion, especially stemming from mental work, and for those who notice their symptoms are better with heat.  Cayenne may also help decrease cholesterol and arterial plaque when used therapeutically.  If cayenne aggravates your stomach or contribute to heartburn, consider ginger as an alternative to promote flow while also reducing inflammation and enhancing digestion.

So even though stagnation may be what you feel, remember to practice gratefulness, spice up your foods, and move!

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