Sometimes people can be uneasy about how much supplements can cost or how many supplements they are taking. One way to significantly reduce supplement costs and capsules/tablets/softgels for herbs in particular is to buy the bulk dried herbs or grow the herbs fresh yourself, and then make teas out of it.


The first question you have to ask yourself is if you are willing to commit to bulk tea making every week about twice per week for several months to years, if your schedule allows it, or will/can you make time for it in your schedule (i.e. are you in one place, or if you are traveling do you have a mini kitchen)?


The second question you have to ask yourself is will you drink them consistently.


The third question you have to ask yourself is will you drink them despite the taste. Some herbal flavors can be intense while others are not, and it all depends on the person’s palate and/or their willingness to drink something anyway.


Even if you have a few days per week to do this, you can alternate the teas with the pre-bottled pill-based supplements depending on your schedule, and it can stretch out the duration of the bottled supplements.


If you are not averse to taking pills, another option to make supplements more affordable is to buy herbs in powdered form, buy the capsules and fill the capsules with the herbs yourself.


There are other options as well but just wanted to provide a couple here.  Convenience is lovely but sometimes convenience can conversely lead to overwhelm and higher cost.  The other benefit of making your own teas or filling up your own capsules is that it is one more thing to pull you away from work a bit, which may sound terrifying for some, but it can be a stress reliever.  Reducing stress can further help your body to come back into balance overtime and thus potentially lower how many supplements you need.


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