I was recently asked for direction on finding vegan recipes. Doing a web search for ‘vegan recipes’ will show you tons of recipe ideas. That is mainly how I find whatever I am looking for. Perhaps it’s a bit overwhelming or you feel like you don’t want to spend the time sifting through recipes, but taking the time to do your own research (whether that be online, books, cooking classes, etc.) and try preparing the recipes is what it takes for you to find what you like and are willing to create again, so that you will stick to your goals. Make the time for your health. Our society doesn’t always communicate that very well, but it is vital for your life. Feel free to tweak any recipe you find so that it is more palatable for you!

A few word choices I have successfully used in the past:

– vegan recipes

– paleo recipes

– raw recipes

– high fruit raw vegan recipes

– soy-free

– gluten-free

– nut-free

– dairy-free

– anti-candida

– juicing

– combination: recipes, gluten free, soy free, nut free, seed free, dairy free

Two things not on this list are ‘low-calorie’ and ‘diet.’ That is because the nutrition and quality of the food and its effects on the body is what matters to me more. When you are eating right for your body, calories are much less of an issue, and weight loss is more easily obtained and maintained.

Here’s few vegan sites to get you started: