If you are the type to wait until something bad happens to take action and do something different, by the time that bad thing happens, you can probably look back and see all the negative things that happened before that moment that were signs. Too many are used to abuse, have an ‘it’s not that bad’ mentality but then cannot always reverse things when it is finally ‘bad,’ or are being overly loving or giving to a degree that it incurs harm and energy drain to themselves.

Those who do not wait and are bothered before everyone else (sometimes years ahead of others) are sometimes the ones who are deemed by society as ‘sensitive’ and have ‘anxiety.’ These can be daily struggles but also great gifts.

The people in society who ‘want things a certain way’ and are deemed ‘perfectionist’ are probably that way due to a few things:

  • Anxiety
  • Parents who were perfectionists and/or had anxiety
  • Being the recipient of perfectionism from the opposite extreme of oppression

The third one is particularly expected to happen, because one extreme gives rise to another. It gives rise to its contender.

The first two can require therapy to overcome overtime. Diet and lifestyle changes, herbs, homeopathy, and other supplements can also make great strides to help one reduce anxiety and perfectionism, and learn how to better manage the gift of sensitivity.

A few ways to be in the world as a person with these attributes:

  • Talk things out often with others who are kind, patient, and supportive – ex. friends, family, therapist
  • Journal
  • Avoid or significantly reduce toxic foods.  Physical stressors such as these can add to your mental and emotional stress levels.  Processed foods are obviously toxic but then you also have foods that are uniquely toxic to you (ex. you eat nuts and then you get a headache)
  • Support your digestive health: the gut and the mind are very much connected, so when one is struggling, the other can too.  Examples of ways to support your digestion: eliminate overgrowth of pathogenic organisms, stop intestinal spasms, improve the lining of your digestive tract
  • Herbs to relieve anxiety: valerian root, ashwagandha, vervain, passionflower
  • Nutrients to relieve anxiety: glycine, L-theanine, GABA, Inositol
  • Breathwork: research ‘abdominal breathing’ videos.  I have some of my clients do this for 2-5 minutes one to three times per day and/or when they feel anxious.

In addition to therapy, Naturopathic doctors can help these areas of your life in several ways, including herbs, homeopathy, gut health support, flower essences, as well as diet and lifestyle changes, to name a few.

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