Most of Austin, TX city limits lies within the path of totality for the solar eclipse (i.e. being able to see the total solar eclipse) occurring on Monday, April 8th, 2024 (more info here).  The next solar eclipse that can be seen from the US will not happen again until 2044.  If you were debating whether or not to go see it, detailed below is another reason to go!

During the weekend right before the eclipse, I will be in Austin at the Biohacking World Conference (!  Here is a description from their website:

Unlock your potential at the Biohackers World Conference & Expo in Austin, Texas on April 6-7. Join us for a transformative experience, connecting with experts and like-minded people in the biohacking community. Elevate your wellness journey with health tech and life extension strategies. Don’t miss out—reserve your spot now for a healthier, happier you.

Weekend Experience Highlights:

  • Explore Wellness Science: Expert Guidance and Strategies
  • Collaborate and Grow: Build Partnerships and Client Relationships
  • Connect with Fellow Biohackers: Expand Your Wellness Network

What to Expect:

  • Network with 30+ Biohacking and Health Visionaries
  • Enjoy 20+ Inspiring Keynotes and Mind-Refreshing Performances
  • Explore 25+ Biohacking and Wellness Innovators at the Expo Zone

Join us and experience the future of wellness, where innovation meets inspiration!

You can learn more about the multiple speakers, exhibitors, products, and how to purchase your tickets at and through the Biohacking World Conference social media outlets.  There is a super great discount for Students too!

I will be on the panel discussion occurring Sunday, April 7th, at 5:30 PM CST, discussing kidney function, and promoting my soon to be launched online course for kidney function!  More details to come in future newsletters. 🙂

The prices are higher for Air BnBs and hotels right now in Austin in anticipation of the solar eclipse, but all the more reason for you to invite a couple friends and family members to cut the cost.  Road trip! 🙂  You, your friends and fam purchasing tickets with my promo code below (or you can just click Here – 60% off coupon code will be applied at checkout – to support the ticket sales generated by me) further incentivizes the conference coordinators to ask me to return in future years.  I’d be grateful if you could come.  You’ll also get to learn a lot and enjoy the rest of the conference.

See you there!

World Biohacking Conference

Click HERE today to schedule an appointment if you would like to improve your kidney function, reduce blood pressure or blood sugar, address autoimmunity, or support your digestive health.