There have been multiple occasions where my client’s spouse/partner’s eating behaviors have made it difficult for them to adjust their own eating habits for their health.  In situations like these, I have my client request certain things of their partner to change.  With the exception of simply encouraging the partner to partake in the changes, the actual requests typically have nothing to do with what the partner eats, but how they express or show it in front of my client at their home or when they are eating out.

Sometimes, partners are super helpful and adjust. Other times, partners refuse to change for the sake of their LOVED ONE’S health.  The reasons for this are usually:

  1. Pride, showing up as a) inability or difficulty admitting that how they live could also use improvement and b) avoidance of and difficulty dealing with the feelings that come from admitting something they do may be ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ and thus unnecessary compensation to maintain perfection or a ‘clean slate’ in some form, even at the expense of someone else
  2. An imbalanced excessive desire to be yourself / do what you want to do / say ‘this is how I am’ / to have control.

These desires to hold onto their own unhealthy habits can literally make the partner an obstacle to healing.

Although I am mainly focused on eating habits in this message, this can also apply to other habits like drinking, refusing to address loud snoring which makes it hard for my client to get a good night’s sleep, etc.

You as a partner are exactly that, a partner.  You are not in the relationship just for yourself.  You are also there to support the other person.  To expect someone every single second/minute/hour of every single day and night to consistently avoid the processed or hyper-allergenic food you choose to eat regularly in front of them is inconsiderate of the fact that people are imperfect, have weaknesses, temptations, and need help.  Be the help they need and not the weight that slows them down.

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