Changing racist mindsets of family members and friends – and even colleagues or employees depending on the relationship dynamic – may mean having a lot of verbal debates or arguments with them. As someone who’s done that, I know it can be challenging and take persistence, but if they care about you, they will continue to do so on the other side of those arguments too.

Dr. Ramer and I recently discussed essential oils and flower essences that can help one to have courage and uphold boundaries. These can also apply to multiple areas of your life where you need this kind of support.  Click HERE to view this video on Instagram.

You what else is so interesting?  The essential oils Dr. Ramer discusses come from herbs that can be helpful for digestion!  So if you have digestive problems, you may want to ask yourself if you have trouble with boundaries.  It can be super helpful to assess the mental, emotional and spiritual support that herbs provide in addition to their physical benefits to see where we may also need to work to evolve as individuals.  Evolving in these ways can change our behaviors, thoughts, interpretations, reactions to life, stress response, and thus may also benefit our physical health.  Click HERE to view the video on Instagram.

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