Everyone is fired up to make sure that the year 2021 is different from last year.  The intention is very much alive.  The start of a new year is a time that most people see as a time of ‘change.’  I think this is why people make a big deal out of it, despite that every day, hour, and second is also a valid time for change.  But when we collectively see a day as a ‘change’ agent, people who want change in their lives use this collective conscious as motivation to get them going.

But continuing after the change stimulus is over, that’s another thing right?  I’d like to educate you today about an herb that can be used for mental performance, and so much more.

Gotu Kola herb
Gotu kola has a calming effect on the nervous system, and helps reduce mental chatter and anxiety.  It has been used for memory enhancement and mental performance.  It is also an anti-inflammatory, circulatory stimulant, and it supports kidney function.   Gotu kola helps to increase endurance and energy, as well as promote hair and nail growth.

My naturopathic medical school had an herb garden in the back and one of the herbs grown was Gotu Kola.  Some students would chew on a small leaf of Gotu Kola before an exam.

Gotu kola can be used for sluggish digestion.  When your digestion is off, you can experience brain fog, as well as lack clarity and a sense of life direction.  Anxiety and depression can occur with digestive issues, and it’s also more difficult to be in the present moment.  Working with a Naturopathic doctor like myself can help you to restore digestive health, and subsequently feel more calm, present, clear, and have energy for your day.

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