Some people think elimination diets are not sustainable.  That is not always true.  It is relative and unique to each individual.  Some people are fruitarians, vegans, paleo, on low carb diets, pescatarian, etc.  and for various reasons they have chosen to stick to those diets.  Sometimes they have chosen to stick to those diets even when they take effort, because they do not want to go back to how they felt prior to when they were eating differently.

Sometimes it is easy for people to say something is not sustainable when they are not suffering enough.

Sometimes it is easy for people to say something is not sustainable when they haven’t seen someone else suffer and overcome their suffering by changing their diet and maintaining that diet.

Not every diet is easy despite it being the best diet for you.  It can still take effort.  Various obstacles in the way may be habits, cravings, or toxicities coming out as your body heals while you’re on the diet and you are actually tired because of that and not actually the diet change.

When you are about to say something is not sustainable, it is important to say it is not sustainable for YOU, or not sustainable for you right now, and then work with a skilled health professional to figure out why or what other options may be available instead.

Some obstacles may be emotional eating, rushing, not meal prepping, habits passed down by family members.

Many Naturopathic doctors are good about trying to meet their clients where they are at, but also sometimes we have to push you.  Some things will be difficult, but not impossible.  Some things take effort, but they are worth it.

Last thing I want you to keep in mind is that the food of the United States is not often as healthy as it should be.  I have spoken to numerous people who travel to other countries and have reported back feeling better with the food in those countries vs the US.  You wanting to go back to eating certain foods does not mean that food is not about to have the chemicals that may have contributed to compromising your health in the first place.  Remember that the option is on the table for you to move to another country where your body can consume the foods you love in a healthier composition.  Joining existing lobbying efforts to remove various chemicals from foods may also be something you could consider doing.