Grapefruit juice is seen as a major “inhibitor” of medications.  This means it can inhibit the body from clearing it effectively.  If this happens, you can have more of the medication in your system than you may need.  This may lead to increased side effects.

St. John’s Wort is seen as a major “inducer.” This means that it can accelerate how fast your body clears a medication.  If this happens, you can have less of the medication in your system than you may need for for effective treatment.

Both medications and herbs can interact with medications.  But this is not always a bad thing.

Sometimes, herbs will interact with medication in such a way as to enhance their effects.  For instance, this would be a great idea for someone who has high blood pressure, but the medication they are on is not fully stabilizing the blood pressure.  Clients have come to me multiple times with high blood pressure despite being on medication, and through working with me their blood pressure typically starts to reduce in one month.

We all know that every known side effect of medication is not going to happen to every individual.  This is also the case with herb-drug interactions.  These interactions can be major, moderate, or minor.

I work with clients all the time who are on medication.  I research the potential interactions and adjust my strategies accordingly.  I then provide them a list of possible interactions between what I’d like to place them on and what medications they are currently taking.

However, what I do with each client goes beyond just a few herbs.  It is a comprehensive approach that also includes nutrition and lifestyle changes, among others.  It is the synergy of strategies that I implement that accelerates the achievement of my clients’ health goals.

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