Lately, I have been taking several pictures of meals and saving them so that I can write about them. I have accumulated quite a few that I have not discussed yet, so I was about to stop taking pictures to catch up…but then I ate the first bite of this one, and I had to tell you about it!

What makes this healthy dish great is that it is tasty AND satisfying. It was also creative and mostly made at home. I will also give you one nutrient of each ingredient. You will notice a couple of the ingredients are sprouts. Sprouting foods makes them more digestible and their nutrition more available to be used by the body.

– Cilantro: Vitamin K: helps build strong bones

– Pea shoots/sprouts: Folic acid/Folate: prenatal health

– Tomatoes: Biotin: reduces skin rashes by building healthy fats in the skin

– Cooked Lentil bean sprouts: Soluble fiber: promotes satiety by slowing down food transit in the digestive track, thus also supporting blood sugar balance

– Wakame seaweed: Calcium: builds strong bones and important in muscle function

– Oyster mushrooms: Zinc: increase rate of healing for acne and wounds

– White mushrooms: Vitamin D: improves immune system and helps fight disease

– Dried tarragon: Manganese: co-factor for one of your own body’s antioxidant enzyme, called superoxide dismutase (SOD)

– Nopalitos/nopal cactus/nopales/prickly pear (this time I used a version preserved in glass): flavonoids: anti-inflammatory

Dressing: honey vinaigrette dressing left over from a restaurant dinner (you can easily make your own by combining honey and apple cider vinegar or coconut vinegar), pumpkin seed oil, sea salt, coconut vinegar

What did you have for lunch?