– Think twice about listening if anyone says cardio is a waste of time or running is bad for you. There are a few exceptions per unique cases (ex. certain injuries) but I am referring to if someone just says this overall.



– If someone around you disregards the results you are clearly gaining from whatever you are doing to improve your health, instead of listening to them, consider what about them keeps them from listening to you. Set the necessary boundaries, and keep doing what works for you.



– If you feel isolated, spending more time outside can help. There are more sources of interactions on Earth than humans.



– If you eat out for most of your meals, make a goal to start cooking for yourself 3 times per week. Being consistent with cooking for yourself can improve your health.



– The typical working world environment currently operates only a certain way. If trying to (or failing to) fit in and/or ‘meet expectations’ is wrecking your physical and mental health, be open, courageous, patient, and persistent in finding a different way to live your life that works better for you, that still allows others to live in peace and thrive too.



– Not everyone is going to accept you. Let them (and the stress turning into inflammation that they are causing you) go. You can be just fine without them.