If a client tells me they have tried everything, this is what I may ask them to do:

– Write down everything you have done

– Dates and times for what you did – in other words, make a timeline

– How long you did it

– Dosages and frequency for everything

– Did you do it by itself, or with other things (if so, name those others things)

– Did you follow it completely

– What brands did you purchase

– What else were you doing or what else was happening (therapies, medications, poor diet, major life stress) while doing that specific therapy that could have hindered the process?

– Were you doing this on your own, or was someone helping you?

– For what purpose was the therapy seeking to address?

Reality is, no one has tried everything. This planet is full of many solutions and you would have to go to every corner of the earth and speak to every individual and do everything they say. What is true is that you have tried many things, and some of those things could have potentially been tweaked to be more successful. Regardless, what you are doing takes a lot of effort, and I commend you. This article is further guidance to help you.