When you know how to set boundaries, people may call you demanding, applying too much pressure, annoying, and probably other potentially false descriptions.

By people, I mean not only those who want to violate your boundaries. I also mean those who have had to experience their boundaries being violated, and have internalized that so much that they no longer know the worthy existence of certain types of boundaries or have lost the concept of how important it is to hold them up. When this occurs, they can emulate those who violate boundaries.

Sometimes people have compromised themselves because there seemed to be no other choice. While that can be understood and sympathized with, it is not a situation that can eternally exist, because people are not built that way.

When you have boundaries congruent with expecting to be respected in the way that you’d respect others, continue to hold up your boundaries despite the reactions of others.

The respect I refer to is not dependent on wealth, status, skewed societal or corporate ab-normalities, etc.

Walking your own path illuminates that path for others and can encourage and inspire them to follow. In this way, you can change the world for the better.