I went to a motivational speaker summit for the first time today. I had a great time. I was disappointed to find that the lunch options were 3 food trucks outside, all serving relatively the same thing: pulled pork sandwiches and waffle fries with toppings (I highly doubt this was coming from good quality ingredients). I also got the sense from the hesitancy of others outside to form lines that they did not like the food choices either. The snacks at the snack bar were closed for lunch because the staff wanted everyone to cater to the food trucks.

First thing I did was find who I could provide event feedback to. I told her who I was, that I was not eating the food, and that it was not healthy. I also said that, at an event where you are supposed to be uplifting people, you’re dragging them down with the lunch. I ended with saying that proper nutrition is important for being uplifted.

She responded by saying she had never thought of that. Last year they fed everyone in their seats but were just trying to make it easier this year with the food trucks. But she felt I had made a good point and was open to suggestion.

I then proceeded to the snack bar, despite overhearing their lunch rule. I told them (with a little emphasis) I do not eat what is provided by the food trucks and requested that they provide me with the oatmeal they had refrained from selling during that time. The lady said, ‘well since you said that, I don’t care if I get in trouble, I’ll go ahead and give it to you.’ I purchased the oatmeal and 2 bananas. I made sure to thank the lady for doing this for me. I ate and felt full. You’d be surprised how fruit can hold you over if you eat enough – this is coming from the smallest person in the house growing up who out-ate everyone in the house (eating 5 oranges for a meal vs waffle fries can be OK).

The food outside costs $10. I spent $3. Healthy eating is sometimes cheaper 😀 A man came up to me as I ate and said, ‘you got the healthy stuff, that’s what I should be doing.’

I also filled out the feedback form expressing my suggestion, and left it with the staff before I left. Yes, you can create positive change like this too. Go after that which elevates you.