Many people want to try something natural and get off their blood pressure medication, but they are usually considering this at a time when their blood pressure is still high, typically well above 130 systolic blood pressure.  If your blood pressure is near 140/90, this is still quite high.

When I work with clients, I let them know that my first priority is to get their blood pressure into normal range, and that can include them still taking their medication, at least for a period of time, while I use a natural approach to reduce it further.  For some, the combination of medication and a natural approach is what finally helps bring their blood pressure into a normal range.  For others, they may be able to overtime speak with their prescribing physician about slowly reducing the medication.

Never forget that medication for blood pressure can be life-saving, and it can help support quality of life.  I help my clients through a natural approach to typically start seeing blood pressure reductions within 1-2 months.

As someone who focuses on kidney function, my other priority is protecting your kidneys.  If you have had chronically high blood pressure, whether now or in the past, you may already have compromised kidney function.  While I work on your blood pressure, I will protect your kidneys from damage.  If they are already compromised, I help preserve and improve kidney function.

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