Rheumatologists overall know little about nutrition and the affects of food sensitivities on autoimmunity. The number one food I suggest anyone with an autoimmune disorder to remove from their diets is gluten. It significantly contributes to inflammation and immune system imbalances.

Another important detail that rheumatologists are not often aware of, or are not discussing with their clients, is that a common root cause of autoimmunity is poor digestion. A person dealing with an autoimmune disease may not feel an issue with their digestion, but that does not mean that there isn’t one present. It’s Time Natural Health helps you heal the digestive tract, which can significantly reduce the severity of the autoimmune condition.

Particularly regarding rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatologists may tell clients to start getting treated aggressively and early in the disease process via medications to avoid disease progression. It is equally vital to start reducing inflammation and regulating the immune system naturally as early as possible. It’s Time Natural Health can help you create and implement a customized strategy to do this effectively.