Food combining rules typically suggest that carbs don’t go with protein or fat. And Paleo diets are against all grain.

This may work for many. But as someone who has experienced digestive issues, yeast and intestinal bacterial overgrowth, low adrenal function, and a never ending appetite when I just eat carbs by themselves, I find combining beyond rules has proven to be super helpful.

For instance, I no longer eat oatmeal by itself or with just fruit. When I do, I get depressed, and never want to stop eating it. So now, I combine it with fat (usually olive or coconut oil), and protein (animal sources such as sausage or bacon, or protein powder). This helps me to feel satiated by my meal (thus helps prevent overeating) and not experience a mood change.

My diet is not grain heavy, because after while it can be a drag on my system. However, as someone who’s been a grain free paleo and done a strict anti-candida diet in the past, I can say grains do wonders for helping me feels satisfied, keeps me from wanting food again 1 hr later, and thus helps calm me down.

There are certainly times in the healing process where avoidance of certain foods or food groups is indicated, but personal trial and error has shown me what is helpful for my body. I have also gained the understanding that what I have discovered can change and adjustments may be best. This same personal and empowering effort is what I try to impart upon my clients.