A child recently told me “I vomit in my mouth.”

Dr. Miles: “Has this happened for a while?”

Child: “Yes.”

Dr. Miles: “How often?”

Child: “Like once a week.”

Child’s sister: “Oh yeah that happens to me too when I burp.”

Then it occurred to me she was talking about reflux.

Dr. Miles to child: “Does this only happen when you burp?”

Child: “Yes.”

I proceeded to explain to her that reflux can occur when your body projects a combination of food and stomach acid up through your esophagus. The nasty taste is due to the stomach acid.

A few common causes of reflux are lying down after eating, eating too much, lack of stomach acid to properly digest food, or food sensitivities. Reflux is not normal, especially in a child. It would be a good idea for parents to ask their children if they ever burp up a nasty tasting liquid and how often to see if their child is experiencing regular reflux.

If your child is experiencing reflux, It’s Time Natural Health can help them prevent it from happening.