People talk about what attracts a person to another a lot these days and what ‘keeps them in the door.’ I feel like there is some redefining going on.

Let’s add to this:

  •  A person who cares about their health, is proactive with it, asks for and is open to others helping them with their health
  •  A person who is not in denial about things, including their health
  • A person who is not prideful and not clinging so much to their independence, privacy and ego that those things are more important to them than getting the help they need
  • A person does not procrastinate on their health until things are very bad.  They also diligently search for and try alternative healing pathways that they may prefer to do instead of the first options presented to them

Men (and some women) are particularly sometimes the opposite of these things with their health, which are contributors to why they don’t tend to live as long. It can put their loved ones through an unnecessary emotionally difficult phase(s).

Don’t just think about the youthful to middle aged phase. Think about the 60+ yo phase too.

If this is you and you haven’t had kids yet, consider reassessing having kids, because it sounds like you may eventually not be willing to stick around for them, and that could really hurt them. Reassess why you want kids in the first place.

People will multi-task in other areas of life but when it comes to their health they sometimes don’t. It is hard for me to think that they ‘can’t.’ The reality is that bodies can have multiple things wrong with it at the same time, and all those things can be in need of support around the same time. Your multitasking skills and prioritizing is needed when it comes to your health too.

If there is a mental block, consider therapy.

If people around you keep telling your memory is off or they have noticed personality changes, you know you are experiencing brain fog, or how you approach life has become more negative, those may be the first things you need to tackle to be able to more productively move forward on everything else. You may need to admit you are struggling with depression, silent to obvious digestive issues, and/or dementia, and get help.

There is a difference between trying and falling short but constantly trying again, and what I’m discussing here.


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Keep in mind that significantly compromised kidney function can induce brain fog and impaired memory.