Being yourself means you may notice that how you are conflicts with what you want and what you want to want. Yes I wrote that last part correctly, and anyone who’s been there knows exactly what I am talking about.

This can make you look at yourself as less than, because of less than or not good enough, shaming yourself, etc. But recently I thought of the idea that every single one of us has a unique path to go on. I think in when people would say that in the past, I looked at it as a neutral thing that was mainly shaped by your outside experiences and what you wanted to do with your life.

But now I am seeing, that your strengths AND your weakness help direct the path that you walk. And I do not mean that in a bad way. Let’s take a look at a couple made-up figures:

A kid who sucks at math, doesn’t get along with others, but spends much of his time playing piano, and eventually becomes a successful piano player.

A woman who has a hard time letting go of things emotionally, overthinks and worries, but remembers (i.e. holds onto) everything she learns and connects them in ways that stimulate innovation.

A man who doesn’t get along well with others as an employee and often gets fired because he does not tolerate his managers’ unethical and overly domineering behaviors and lack of care for their employees, yet later on decides to fight for justice full time and change the lives of many.

A person who woke up late because she struggles with insecurities, a break up, and clinical depression that was very rough the night before, and she forgot to set her alarm, thus had to cancel her job interview that morning, decides to just take the bus to go to the grocery store instead, and ends up making a life-long friend at the bus-stop, and with her help that friend gets focused enough to finish school.

Do you see how everything shapes your path? It is not necessary for you to be it ALL, all that, ….whatever.

So, let go of the ‘should’s’ and throw out the ‘binge’ foods or drinks. Your digestive system will feel much better, your blood sugar and blood pressure can normalize, and you will gain back some time to shift onto something else that is more worth your attention.

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