Overtime, it could be that the body needs something different, because the body changes. This particularly happens as we age, but how you age is more in your control than you may realize, so to just say ‘it’s because you’re older’ is not always entirely accurate.

One thing to always keep in mind is that medications and natural approaches are there to enhance a healthy lifestyle. So if you try something, it works, but you keep living a life that comprises an unhealthy diet, high stress, lack of exercise, poor sleep, daily use of toxic cleaning/skin/hair products, then the methods you used before may stop working as well.

You may notice first that you need a higher dose, or more frequent dosing. Then you may start to switch from one medication/herb/nutrient to another. Then you may try something more invasive like IVs or surgery, and that may work. Then you begin to appreciate technological advancement and perhaps disregard the power of what you used before, and see it as ‘outdated’ (but they’re not when you know how to use them!). But the body knows when certain issues are not entirely resolved, and I have seen the body communicate that to some of my clients when they first start working with me, either through new symptoms or by presenting the same lingering symptoms and the person eventually gets to the point where they are ready to do something different.

IVs and other technological advancement are great. It does get hard sometimes to always do the small changes everyday that make a huge difference over time, but if we make the absolute choice to refuse to even try, most therapies and technologies will only go so far. Naturopathic medicine stays abreast of traditional and new methods of healing and often combines them or provide referrals to professionals who use them. Why? Because we understand the foundational things that need to happen for a person to get and stay well. Those things rarely change. Then, we may incorporate advancements for added improvement.

Always remember to do the basics.

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