There are those who prefer to go hard on a regimen for a considerable amount of time to reach a goal, then fall off, watch their weight increase and overall health decline to a certain degree, and then get back on their regimen again…and the cycle continues.

There are two obstacles to this working long-term: age and life.

Due to the body’s normal aging processes, the regimen that used to work may not anymore, or it can take extra and longer efforts to get the same results. Also, you can be more prone to injury. If you get injured when getting back on your regimen, it can stop you from continuing, thus you don’t reach your goal.

Overtime the amount of toxins you accumulate in your system (as you age) increases and they can be harder to remove on your own without new knowledge or extra help from a health practitioner. They can complicate and impede your progress as well. For instance, environmental toxins absorbed into your body from plastics can affect your hormonal system, making it harder to lose weight.

Also overtime, life tends to get more busy, unexpected events can occur, and your mind gets clouded with more resistance and less will-power. This makes resorting back to your regimen harder to do and harder to stick to than it used to be.

Collectively, these factors contribute to your health getting away from you.

A solution is to develop a new and sustainable regimen, meaning one that you can continue every week, long-term, and that will bring you the results you haven’t achieved since… you fill in the blank.

Working with a holistic health practitioner who understands how to overcome the obstacles related to age, toxicity, and life can help you develop this new strategy.