Today I received a message from another naturopathic colleague that a cousin of hers who was in his 40s had a stroke and spent 2 months in the hospital recovering.  He had uncontrolled high blood pressure since his 20s and tried to handle it naturally, without consulting my colleague.

Going without blood pressure medication can place you at risk for stroke and kidney disease due to uncontrolled blood pressure.  This can even happen at younger ages.

It is important for anyone with high blood pressure to understand that it is typically much wiser and safer to try natural approaches while still on blood pressure medication.  This is how I work with my clients.  As their blood pressure starts to come down and stay down, then they can start to have a conversation with their prescribing physician.  This is also the case for other conditions requiring medication.

The reality with medications and natural approaches is that it can be a trial and error process.  Also, what worked in the past may require more attention as you get older, and can be affected by life circumstances.  Even if you reach normalized blood pressure, it is important to still monitor your blood pressure regularly, keep blood pressure medicine on hand, and keep an active relationship with doctors in case you need more medication (including getting a new bottle when the one you have expires), a change in medication, or a change in the natural approach you have been using.

There are many people who do not like taking pills.  But living without that ‘pill’ usually requires consistency in diet, stress management, exercise, and taking other herbs or nutrients, which may come in various forms such as capsules, soft gels, powders, teas and other liquids, depending on the product.  The bonus, however, is when someone chooses this lifestyle, their overall health, not just their blood pressure, can see vast improvements.  They can enhance their quality of life and longevity.

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