One time when I was shadowing another doctor during my clinical rotations, the power went out. Everyone had to remain at work because we were told it would come back on soon. Within less than 1 minute into the power being off, a person from the medical staff was the first to speak and said, “how about we order a pizza?”

Eating is about nourishment for the body, not a replacement for boredom. There are several other things to do besides eat when bored:


-play a game

-talk to co-workers

-use your cell phone to take care of other things, call a friend, play games, play music, play a video

-take a nap

-rest and reflect

-watch a movie

-get out and do something entertaining

-read a book

-the list goes on, this is a chance for you to get creative. We all have the ability to create.

But in case you just had to have a pizza, I’d pick this one over take-out. Better quality (Gluten free, dairy, free, non-GMO) and you will see that this company formed from a family who was looking to eat quality food with little time. This shows healthy eating can still be done while living a fast-paced life.

Can you make your own and is that the better solution? Of course. Do a web search for the type of pizza you want to create (ex. gluten free, dairy free, vegan, fruit-based, raw) and you will certainly find one.

Pizza package

Pizza package

Pizza package