I have noticed that many people who are trying to move toward healthier alternatives from a fast food lifestyle tend to begin choosing Chick-fil-A. I have gone through their website and it seems like they have and are making notable changes to the quality of their ingredients.

I commend you on making the effort to change, and realize this is only a stepping point. Move past it, and all fast food. Chick-Fil-A still uses wheat, dairy, soy, egg, and sugar, in many of their items. Most people have intolerances to one or a combination of these foods. Outside of these ingredients, there are still other additives used.

Chick-Fil-A displays all ingredients for every item on their website and has an allergen checker pdf. When you click on a food item, at the bottom left there is a sentence in red, “Show all nutrition, ingredients, & allergens.” Click on this to view the full ingredient list.



  • Family owned
  • Supporting Local community
  • We recycle
  • Pictures of family
  • Stability
  • Consistency
  • Leadership details
  • Passion
  • Serving
  • Religious-based

None of these words actually specify the ingredients or their quality. The simplest meal that you could have created at home with 7 ingredients usually has about 17+ when done by a fast food franchise.

Read the ingredients so you can know what is really in your food, even if that means going to the company website. Chances are you will be surprised.

Where to eat now?! The first idea is a big grocery store, a very small grocery store – which decreases the time spent since there is less ground to cover – or farmers market. As far as eating out, look for places where the ingredient lists are basic, and in which every ingredient on the label is something you know to be an actual food. Salad bar restaurants are great for this. Restaurants that are known for solely grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, or being completely vegan, tend to care about the quality of the food on their whole menu. Airports and gas stations have cheap fresh fruit. 2-3 bananas or 2-3 apples instead a burger with 22 ingredients, half of which you’ve never heard of, is something to be pondered. ‘That won’t fill me up.’ Have you ever tried eating 2-4 apples or bananas in one sitting and then waiting 10 minutes? Try it and see if it ‘hits the spot.’ In certain situations, it just might.