I recently went to a meeting with a number of representatives in the room from organizations dedicated to preserving and rebuilding the prairies of Texas. This is important for biodiversity, which is crucial for our ecosystem, essential for managing floods, and preserving water.

I asked one gentlemen to explain to me why preserving prairies was so important. In addition to the reasons I mentioned above, he told me that whenever he is around plants, not only does he appreciate their beauty, but his experience with them is very spiritual.

If you are looking for a new spiritual experience, consider volunteering in land/plant/herb preservation projects where you can be in close contact with the flora of the earth.

Native Prairies Association of Texas – http://hnpat.wordpress.com

Coastal Prairie Partnership – http://prairiepartner.org/

Consider donating to these causes as well, as funding can be a struggle in the midst of constant economic expansion. Pass on what you learn about prairies to others so that there can be an increase in awareness, appreciation, and action.

Perhaps you live in a location where there are no prairies. Chances are there is another natural landscape in need of your help. Take some time to learn more about the nature around you.

Water is key to good health. Help preserve this vital resource for you and your descendants.